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Looks like a rating community to me.

Cool enough? This community is for people who have a good taste in music, great opinions, a sense of reality, and looks damn good in a pair of jeans.

We know it's pointless and superficial, but it's all in good fun. If you're serious about this, then leave now, this isn't the place for you.


The Rules: Applicants

:: You must fill out an application within 48 hours of joining the community. If you don't post an application, it will count as an automatic rejection.
:: Put your entire application behind a goddamn LJ-cut. If you don't, then I hate you, and you'll hate yourself after hearing everyone bitch at you for it.
:: RACISM, SEXISM, AND/OR HOMOPHOBIA will get you automatically banned. End of story.
:: Fill out the entire application. Spend time and put in effort on the answers. Believe me, we'll notice.
:: iF yEw tyPe lyKe dizZ, you'll be banned. Don't bother joining. You aren't cool.
:: Until you are accepted, you can post comments on your application only. DO NOT VOTE OR POST ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED.
:: You're required three pictures in the application I suggest you use www.photobucket.com so your pictures don't come up as x's.
:: Your pictures must be three clear shots that include the face, and no photoshop. If you're ugly, we'll know. Don't worry, some people are born ugly, and some people are born hot. It's just the natural way of life. if you are ugly, be proud, then put a bag on your head.
:: Only a mod can actually stamp you.
:: Don't whine if you aren't accepted or if someone says no to you. If you're a constant annoyance like that, I probably hate you anyway. Consequence: you being banned, and me not caring.
:: So that we know you read this rules put "I'm so cool, that my nipples are hard" in the subject line of your application.
:: You will be stamped after 48 hours. Majority rules.

The Rules: Accepted

:: Rate as harshly as you'd like. This isn't beyondnice.
:: We're not going to kill you if you don't vote on every application, but vote whenever you can, or you'll be banned.
:: Try bolding your vote.
:: Don't start shit with other accepted members on this community, the rest of the community doesn't want to hear it. If you have an issue, fight it out over AIM because no one else cares.
:: If you haven't voted recently, I'll make an attempt to contact you before deleting you from the community.
:: Promote, promote, promote, could I stress it anymore?
:: When you give your vote, you must provide a reason.
:: Votes can be changed.
:: All pictures and long entries behind and lj-cut. No one wants to see your face all over the internet.

The Rules: Rejected

:: Once rejected, you may re-apply in one week, if we still hate you, then leave, you obviously aren't cool.
:: Don't tell us that the rating community is superficial. We know. No one cares.
:: If you bitch about it, I'll ban you. <3

The Application


City, State:
Sexual preference: [this is optional]
Virgin?: [optional]


Five favourite songs. Why are they your favourite?
Disliked bands:
Last show you went to:
Favourite song lyric, and why:


Gay marriages:
What would you like to change about the world?


Favourite movies:
Favourite books:
Interesting fact about yourself:
five things you like:
five things you dislike:
Your personality/attitude is:


Why do you want to be in this community:
Promote this community somewhere else and tell where:

Anything else?

Am I an idiot who forgot to lj-cut?

+ Post 3 or more pictures of yourself. [if you are unable to do so, contact me before you post, and I'll discuss it with you.]


::a:: afkag (left) arsenicxlace
::b:: _burningxalive __believexme
::c:: chalkoutlinesx crookedhearts call_me_cunt corpsetastic _cataclysm
::d:: dozy_winterstar drrosensteinmd deadxendxstreet disposableheart doodlz dirtydie dork_core
::f:: frozenmonkey fyiagcg ferretscar oh_eryn
::h:: havenwood __hotdamn __hot_electro__ __hopelessyouth harrasstheugly
::i:: ignite_my_heart (left) _infiction
::j:: just4maria jenxcore_ jaded__heart jpness33
::k:: kaym412 grr_argh knkykate
::l:: leavem3_falling lushx_ __lunchboxx _lucy_
::m:: madbjorkboi megumioaks (left)
::n:: nothingwoman neonkiss not_too_tuff ninjaflipsticks
::o:: ostegodead oiscout
::p:: peach_happiness (left) privateeye
::r:: rustysmurf (left) razorblade_girl rape_me_please
::s:: stars_inmy_eyes sublimesas superconductor sewnupheart scarsoflust (left) shadowrawk sarcasticmuffin
::t:: theripper (left) theocean85 twilightmurder ___thenewyear
::w:: walflowrcharlie
::x:: xxjustforgetme (mod) xjustin_sanex


::a:: apathetic_eyes angel_faerie azngrl89
::b:: breakage _beeeep____beep
::c:: comeonwithefear coheed_cambriax candleinthelite dismembered
::d:: dork_wad (banned) deny_yourbreath (banned, asshole) _diana
::e:: eightxxxstars eponine_b
::f:: fogonmyknife fakefrenchishot
::g:: gunsgobangx (BANNED, baby, banned) _glory_fades
::h:: haggard37 heartbreaker012 holyhackjack
::i:: iced_perfection itsdorkrock
::k:: k2k killxxforxxthis kissingyou knkykate
::l:: lilbrownheifer
::m:: milly_monkey my2inchpenis (twice)
::o:: offthewallpixie (BANNED)
::p:: poussin_rouge pink_pandaa mycrystalball punklove_rocks piratemily (banned bitch, bannnedd)
::s:: smallonex sp00kydoll smalltown_witch (banned, kthnxbi) slowlyxfading _snowspider_
::t:: therainbowducki tragedy_jail t1nyvoic3s
::w:: weezie13156
::x:: xcpsoljah4lifex xxvanilla_sex xxxcotixxx xsolitudex(has limp nipples) xlovinhim4life xxalone_4everxx


Think you're hot enough? Join beyondcool and we'll determine that.

Just copy paste this code and remember to take out the stars
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Think you're cool enough? Join <*lj user="beyondcool"*> and we'll determine that.

***Many thanks to corpsetastic for this hot banner.***



Position: Mod/Maintainer
LJ NAME: xxjustforgetme
AIM: our demise x
EMAIL: ohxsoxscene@hotmail.com

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